License To Fangirl


This is to certify that Mary of Kdrama Laws has been authorized to extol Song Jae Rim‘s virtues, real or otherwise, via squeecaps at The Problematic of The Unproblematic.

Said squeecaps must consist of rational attempts to discuss episodes of the crazy show Nail Shop Paris, alias WTFParis, before giving up and resorting into 4000-word odes to Song Jae Rim and his perfection.

This document may also be used by Mary to justify any and all activities related to the appreciation of Song Jae Rim.


song jae rim seal of approval

13 thoughts on “License To Fangirl”

    1. OMG that, too! Can’t count how many times I watched fanmade vids about him and Seol.

      SJR is also in Two Weeks with Lee Jun Ki. 😀

      I chose Nail Shop Paris because he’s part of the main triangle here. So I’m guaranteed more than 5 minutes of him every episode. (Age of Feeling is TORTURE. Not knowing when Mo is going to die.) Plus, NSP is only 10 episodes. Perfect for my first shot at recapping. 🙂

  1. I love the squeecaps, and I love Mary and her fangirling. It is the highlight of any day to see more Song Jae Rim and to see all the responses at The Problematic of the Unproblematic.

    1. *nods* It’s so fun squeecapping with them! It’s like we feed each others’ obsessions. O_O

      One of these days our Song Jae Rim love will spike so much, I’ll spontaneously combust in my seat while hugging my Song Jae Rim pillow.

  2. HAHAHA!! This is perfect! Such a perfect way to announce your squeecaps on this site – in legalese! XD *standing ovation* And yes, you totally are licensed to fangirl, mary! XD

  3. mary,

    This is my 1st time leaving a comment here, even though I have read your blog a few times in the past. Great job!!! And please keep it up. I read a few threads, and I literally LOLed, with tears streaming down my face. You are witty, smart and sooooo funny!!!!! And you totally do not take yourself seriously (which I love 🙂 )

    I really LOVE your blog. Please continue to educate us about Kdrama Laws. If your parents had not brought you in the world, we would have to invent you, just so we could have a blog like yours 🙂

    I really appreciate you and what you do here. Thank you so much for the laughs :-)!!!!!! Fangirling is the best, and you do it wonderfully. Yours is unabashed, which I also love, that and the fact that you love a star who might not be that known (yet), and is not one of the big “ones” yet. We need more people like you 🙂 Have a wonderful week!!!!!!

    1. :’) heyyyyy thank you for such a sweet comment. ^^ sometimes I’m worried that annoy people with my craziness, so your words made my day.

      1. You are very welcome mary! And no, you do not annoy people, you make us laugh. I read the comments on DB, and many beanies love you, and your sense of humor. I now know where to go, if I want to have a good laugh. And your kdrama Laws are so on point about so many tropes and cliches: they remind me of why I love Kdramas in the 1st place. You write really well, and I love that.
        Also, I am an older sister of 6, so I could relate to your post about your younger sister. I used to boss mine around to, but then again, I was also responsible for them (and very aware of it). Now we are all adults, so there is no more bossing them around, which is fine 🙂 The funny thing is I have one sister who has been trying for a few years to boss me around, she just has a strong personality, though she is the baby girl of the family.

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