Hitler Reacts To Age of Feeling Ep 23-24 Finale

I forgot to post this parody video I made of Hitler raging at the disappointing Age of Feeling finale. 🙂

Watch what happens when Hitler’s generals report that there’s no Mo-Soso loveline in the final week.

Oh dear. I wouldn’t want to be in the same room when he’s THAT angry…

5 thoughts on “Hitler Reacts To Age of Feeling Ep 23-24 Finale”

  1. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely brilliant!!!!!! I didn’t watch the drama, but I read a lot of the squeecapping tweets/posts etc. I sometimes think that this is how I feel after most K-drama endings…it’s like writers decided to not write the finales and just throw random darts at plotlines or something. I have come to dread K-drama finales quite passionately in fact…so much so that I have a huge spread of dramas a few episodes away from the end that I have yet to finish. *sigh* but then there are videos like this that just make all of it worth it. You have expressed the frustration so well. ^^

    1. Haha! Endings are so difficult to get right. It’s either the writer gets philosophical and annoys the fans (Rooftop Prince) or they focus on fanservice and annoy the ‘serious watchers’ (Sungkyunkwan).

      But AoF takes the cake for neither giving a philosophical, nor a satisfactory, NOR a fanservicey ending. Haha crazy show is crazy.

      1. Haha. I feel like the writers just get bored half the time. It happens in Korean movies too much as well. The initial set up might be super great, but the second half tanks. I think they need to just focus on being true to the story and how it would end and not worry so much about ratings and their particular message. Oh well. I’m still watching K-drama…so I guess there’s still something about them that I can’t let go of.

    1. Yes! It doesn’t even have to be Witch’s Romance/cable level of skinship. 😦

      Even Ok-ryeon’s friend/maid got to poke Jung Tae’s pecs in the first half of the series!

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