Kumusta? I’m mary, a kdrama addict from the Philippines.

I used to think watching was the end all and be all of kdramas until I found the girls at dramabeans and koalasplayground. Now I know that the point of watching kdramas is to poke fun at terrible acting, crazy plotlines, and horrible script. (And looking for the silver lining like broody shower scenes or good chemistry and the occasional drama gem.)

Constant lurking at DB and KP has taught me a lot of things about kdramas, not to mention introduced me to some imaginative language and epic MINE, MINE, GRAB THE TOWEL! fights between heretofore perfectly rational women.

Them ladies kept me entertained while I was huddling in front of my laptop, waiting for next week’s installment of Kdrama Of The Month. I owe them so much. Perhaps Song Jae Rim’s and my firstborn.

Til that day comes, I’m paying back to the fangirl/noona/ahjumma community by putting up this list of Kdrama Laws where you can just revel in the common themes and inconsistencies of kdrama land. So when you’re done screaming yourself hoarse for Ji-hyuk to pick up the f*cking phone, you can come here for a bit to find out why he does it.