Amendments and suggestions

This whole project is a work in progress. After all, new dramas are cropping up every month, subverting well-established kdrama laws.

In fact, just recently, the First Meeting Act, Communication Devices Act, and Denial of Feelings Act were all violated by Queen In-Hyun’s Man.

So if you have a correction for a particular law, feel free to comment on that law’s post for an amendment. Or if you have a suggestion for new laws, comment on this page and I’ll get back to you so we can work on your proposed law.

59 thoughts on “Amendments and suggestions”

    1. You’re right, we can lump it together with other violent tendencies under the Manly Manhandling Act. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Another thing I was thinking about is how a bout of sickness or some other misfortune often acts as the driving force to circumvent noble idiocy, lowering the noble idiot’s resolve to maintain distant. The now that I see you lying here on this hospital bed, I CANNOT deny my real feelings anymore law.

    1. Heh. You’re right. People who get noble idiocy get *even* more stupid reasons for suddenly forgetting their resolve.

      That adds a lot of detail to the simple noble idiocy law. ๐Ÿ˜€ We can write a Noble Idiocy Prevention Act now or something for that. Thanks celina.

  2. Mary, please write a post (if you haven’t already) about the violations in QIHM. I am still not over that drama. seriously. I’m only watching Yoo In Na’s Man nowadays. kekeke.

    1. Haha, I’m still confused about QIHM. It’s such a unique, non-cliche drama. It doesn’t seem right to make a separate law just to accommodate QIHM.

      Should I start a separate type of post for Violators? Something in this format:

      Wanted: Queen In-Hyun’s Man
      – Multiple accounts of violation of Second Lead Act
      – Non-compliance with Bathroom Use Law
      – Failure to use communication device properly

      1. Yes, yes! Violators post would be really funny. Add corroborating facts and punishments, specifically of the brooding showers kind. LOL. You rock, girl! Ang galing mo!

  3. This blog is a sheer stroke of genius, of course, but I think the Beauty Standardization Law could use an amendment or counterpart: The Anti-Beauty Standardization Law. This would outline the regulations and restrictions for actresses who are meant to be frumpy and unattractive but are actually beautiful. Examples would include that girl from Wild Love, Dong Joo’s mom in Can You Hear My Heart, and, of course, Eun Chan from Coffee Prince.

    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe it’s under the Cinderella Law – where someone perfectly ok/beautiful is referred to as ugly, plain, frumpy UNTIL there’s a party of sorts where she goes to the salon and gets a makeover. THEN everyone gushes at how pretty she is. (But the law isn’t up yet, sorry).

  4. There should also be a law governing the use of cut scenes and editing during especially dramatic moments. Ex: a realization has occured, they are staring at each other, explanations MUST be said! The music goes Dun dun dun (in my head – or at least the kpop music swells uproariously), and.. CUT! They are now eating food perfectly normally, or sitting at home in their own homes, and the kdrama audience never gets to see how the actors got out of that sticky situation – because, we can’t have too many big moments before the Big Reveal, and/or The. Kiss., else we violate the Denial of Feelings Act.

    1. Gah! I hate that too. Like, a gazillion episodes of running around hiding secrets, then one minute of revelation, 10 shots of different characters saying: “What? Is ____ true?” instead of acting on the information.
      This reminds me of the Disaster Response Act:)
      You gave me more ideas for it!

  5. you really do a good job here.. now that you have an ‘offender’ pages, how about considering an award competition for the ‘most obedient’ drama? It’ll only be fair, right? heheh..

    1. Haha that would be great too! What kind of drama can pack so much cliche into 16 episodes…?

      (Oh right, Marry Me, Mary is definitely a contender for that award!)

  6. how about a law about how the jerk alway has A GIGANTIC PICTURE OR PICTURES OF HIMSELF IN HIS ROOM ie full house secret garden hello miss and i do i do off the top of my head

    1. Haha good catch! I just finished rewatching Oh My Lady and Rooftop Prince and there are gigantic pictures in both leading men’s rooms too!

  7. Okay. So. Mary. I am nearing the end of 90 Days, Time for Love, and for the past 4 or 5 episodes I have been writhing in my chair because, though I know this would not be the case, I keep thinking, “If only the parties who are feeling so wronged knew exactly what had gone on before. If only the hero (lead) or heroine (leading lady) would explain the circumstances that led them to now be acting in a way that is hurtful. Everything would be forgiven then.” This is such a familiar feeling to me that I feel it deserves its own law….something along the lines of a Withholding of Vital Information Act without which the drama would probably have to end several episodes sooner. If you feel this is worthy on inclusion in Kdrama laws, I leave the drafting of such a law in your capable hands.

      1. Not sure how I missed the Misunderstanding Protection Act since I was on board when you wrote it. Aaack, actually as I peruse it I realize that I did, in fact, read it because I remember some of the pithy comments (the aaack is about the fact that my ahjumma brain is misfiring again…must be all those Kdramas). Celina’s comment, in particular, is referencing exactly what I am talking about here. She writes that “a truly great drama is one where misunderstandings make sense โ€” thatโ€™s good writing and I can enjoy the story” and I couldn’t agree more..I think that withholding of vital information probably does fall under Secton 2. (d) though the implication there is that the parties are consciously withholding information in order to allow Fate to play its hand and I don’t think that that always applies in these situations.

        I’m also on board with some sort of contest for the drama that violates Kdrama Laws most egregiously and/or that follows the law most faithfully. Glad to hear that Kdrama Laws are becoming more popular, Mary. It’s the single best opportunity some of us have to release some of the pent up frustrations of life.

  8. How about a law about unsafe driving in kdramas? Character broods in car, reaches a decision, decides to make a sudden U-turn without even checking his/her mirrors. This happens so many times in kdrama land. In fact, Song joongki just committed the act in episode 5 of Nice Guy. Then there’s the scenarios where character is not keeping constant eyes on the road because of talking to person in the passenger seat resulting in almost crashing into another vehicle. OH, and this is another thing that always happens in drama land. Huge truck appears out of nowhere and hits person or almost hits person (Shut up flower boy band, What’s up, Dr. Jin, Third Ward, Bad Guy, and many many more). And it’s always that same white garbage truck. I think it’s a garbage truck.

  9. Ooh ooh do we have a law about rain(not the singer)? Kdramas have had a relationship with rain since like, the beginning of time. Rain appears when a character is having a bad day and characters walk absentmindedly in the rain. Rain doesn’t drizzle little by little and gradually pour like in real life, no, it just suddenly pours making it very obvious to the audience that people off-camera just turned on the hoses. Characters (usually male and female lead) immediately react by running for cover, they are then stuck together under said cover. They attempt to brush the rain off their clothes with their bare hands as if that would be effective. Sometimes guy offers girl a tissue or handkerchief to wipe the rain off her face.

    1. Hahaha why did I miss this comment?
      Yes, the “brushing rain off clothes” does seem kinda weird… and people either run for cover of zombie walk in the rain. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. This blog is awesome!!!!! Yeah, we should definitely talk law and violations thereof in Kdramaland!

    Howabout an Act of Secrecy to define how secrets to be handled in Kdrama? We should stipulate how to whisper at-the-top-of-your-lung any secrets at public venues or behind open doors? We should also stipulate who should have the ears of an owl and the eyes of a hawk to spy from 3 blocks away?

    Ah, how about a definition on coincidence? Maybe kdrama by definition will be coincidence-land ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. The male lead and some of the second lead actors always have to change their hair style or color in the middle of the drama.

  12. The true healing power in a Korean hospital is not the amazing talent of the medical staff, nor the innovative surgical techniques that have been devised, nor the miracle of a wonder drug, it’s the humidifier in each hospital room!

  13. Hero and heroine goes on an unplanned trip ( or hero goes after heroine, or vice versa), ends up stranded because of car breaking down, rain, or any other kind of problems, ends up at motel/inn/house in the countryside owned by haramonis or harabojis, some kind of reason comes up that that they have to share a room (although this one detail not not always happen). Even if they don’t end up sleeping over night at an inn/countryside house, I swear I always see a scene of sort like that in almost every drama. Ok bottom line, harabojis and haramonis own inns/country side houses that the leads go to.

    flower boy next door
    queen of reversals (I think? my memory’s not too good on this one)
    color of woman
    and many more…i just don’t remember…

    1. Here, here! I’m now watching “Hundred Year Inheritance” where the couple is now stuck on an island overnight…since I went to bed in the middle of the scene I’m not sure yet how it will end but, as an ajumma myself, I find it refreshing to see the writers give middle-aged folks romantic scenes as well. Earlier they were even cavorting briefly on the beach!

    2. That was the next law! The Out-Of-Town-Trip law or something. Where hero or heroine magically end up in a remote place (either going together or accidentally meeting there), being stranded or forced to share resources, etc. AND having the third party or some extra character ALSO show up and accidentally see them. Methinks it’s not a remote place after all if every character converges there haha… but we’ll see. It’s not final yet.

      Just feels weird that we’re thinking of the same thing O_O

  14. Since watching Jang Ok Jung and Gu Family Book, I realize there’s a lot of drunk/injured male lead collapsing on female lead in a romantically charged moment in Dramaland. Female lead will often appear wide-eyed. Does that kind of go hand in hand with the fall-into-each-other-lip touching law?

  15. How about a law for, as quoted from Dramabeans, “The Only Restaurant In the Universe”, the restaurants/cafes where everybody runs into the person they don’t want/want to see giving us the obligatory awkward staring scene and/or romantically charged moment. It’s also where rivals run into each other and exchange some words.
    Notable examples: You’re the best Lee soon-shin, That winter the wind blows, Can we get married

    Sometimes that particular restaurant is usually used because an important character works there or owns the restaurant. (Can we get married, 49 days)

    I’m sure there’s a lot more examples, it’s just difficult to sort through my drama-watching history.

    1. City Hunter too! And Rooftop Prince… and… well, there sure are too many. Enough to make a law. Thanks for the reminder.

      And thanks for patiently commenting. ๐Ÿ™‚ I usually am too sick or busy catching up with work to write the laws, but your comments/suggestions are always detailed and they go into my kdrama-doodling-notebook for ideas for the next laws.

      So thank you again for being loyal to this blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. How about the Law of Repetitive, Incessant Pop Ballad? It must be played at least 3 times during an episode. There must be at least two designated songs: 1 for the happy happy joy joy, and one for the lonely & moony. Sad lyrics mandatory. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Hi Mary!

    My name is Lydia and I work with DramaFever, the Kdrama website. I was wondering if you might be interested in working with us? If so, please email me back at (removed). I look forward to hearing from you soon — have a great day!

  18. What about a law stating that all trashcans needs to be empty when someone throws something valuable away in it. Like when someone throws away flowers or a ring and then go to retrieve it, but it is the only thing in the trashcan.

  19. I’d like some Sageuk Hair laws now especially with SFD nearing it’s end. Bang Won’s passion of the Christ (not my words just visit dramabeans)hair needs a law of its own

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