Kdrama Bingo

To complete another drama cliche that lawmakers are involved in corrupt activities, here is a Kdrama Bingo Card Generator made by your resident Kdrama Lawmaker (me). Don’t worry. This is completely free (says the shady street-peddler). Just visit the link to get a random bingo card of kdrama tropes.kdramabingoscreenshot

The generator uh… generates a 5×5 card from a list of 70+ possible tropes but I’m adding more to that list. You can also comment on this page for suggestions.

If you hate the color and the admittedly generic BINGO name, feel free to change it to something exciting. Instructions are on that page as well.

What Do I Do With My Kdrama Bingo Card?

Here are possible uses of the card:

  1. Make watching repetitive dramas more bearable *cough*Heirs*cough*. Now, you won’t be disappointed if the drama you’re watching is so cliche. At least you get to cross something off your card!
  2. Get a different card for all your friends and throw a Kdrama Marathon Bingo Party!
  3. For people of legal age: do #2 and turn it into a drinking game!

Mary’s notes

According to my handy-dandy calculator, there are 8.15712 x1044 possible bingo card combinations.That’s A LOT.

I was worried that it isn’t possible to win this thing. No winning = no drinking = sadface. But it turns out I underestimated the recyclability of kdrama plots, because no matter how many times I generated a random card, there’s always a line/pattern formed!

Of course I was only playing against Heirs, which is turning out to be the Walmart of kdrama tropes*. If you happen to play Kdrama Bingo for other dramas please send some feedback (Re: is it possible to win this game in not-so-average dramas?)

Testing was done on Windows: Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 9; Android phone. If you have a different device, please test if you can also generate bingo cards? Thanks!

* I still love Woobin though. But not as much as Song Jae Rim.

17 thoughts on “Kdrama Bingo”

  1. I love the KDrama Bingo cards.

    I want my own “not learning” version where I enter in the Hangul of common words heard in dramas and use Bingo as a listening exercise while watching dramas. Is there any way to do that? Of course, I could always hand write the Bingo cards, but yours are so much cooler.

    Julia the Berkshire Beanie
    (always looking for ways to trick myself into learning Korean while I am playing)

    1. Wow. That sounds really helpful!

      Hmmm… it can be adapted to do that. Coding part is easy enough, I’ll just have to figure out how people can make their own card entries and where to store them.

    2. Oooh, I just tested the code and it looks like it will work even if you don’t have a website. 😀

      I’ll try to convert it into a downloadable .html file and put up instructions on how to make your own cards.

      I’ll let you know when it’s done.

    1. Awww! I’m so glad you played the kdrama bingo. ^^

      FTLY is very “cliche”, right? But it’s still fun to watch. The actors are really great and they try to put their own spin on the usual stuff.

  2. Love it, can’t wait to use it on my next kdrama marathon. What about “Evil in-laws” and “water chucked in your face”?

  3. I found some more cliches 😉
    Rush Out Of A Restaurant
    Carry somebody to a Hospital
    Ordering Drinks But Not Drinking Them
    Somebody Dies
    Ill because of Rain
    Piano Playing in a Restaurant/Bar
    Ugly Tracksuits
    Hateful Mother-In-Law
    Wrist Grab
    Long Lost Family
    Evil Second-Lead
    Falling Asleep on somebody’s Shoulder
    Standing In The Rain
    Overdramatized And Static Kiss
    Shaky Bus Scene
    Following a Car
    Couple Outfits
    Falling Into Pool/Ocean with Clothes
    Person Thought Dead is Alive Again
    Stalker Alert
    Almost Kiss Scene

  4. how do you start the bingo (like is there a way to click a box when that particular cliche happens in the drama)?

    1. Aww… sorry, no. You have to save the image (right click, save as…) and mark it how you want.
      You can print it out. Or you can just have it open on Paint and mark the pic as you watch.

  5. Here are a few more suggestions:

    – Drama Lane: While driving, character suddenly pulls over into a conveniently empty lane to argue, cry, mope, have a panic attack, etc.
    – Mummy Dearest: psychotic, manipulative parent (usually mother)
    – Silly Fight Choreography (see the parallel bars in Healer)
    – It’s a Small World – there is only one court in Seoul, also only one restaurant, night club, shopping mall…
    – Heroine Downgrade – The first few episodes, a female character has plenty of spunk and career prospects, but by the 4th episode, they forget all that and just moon around about their love polygons
    – Comic Third Couple – often older, possibly relatives of the leads
    – Speaks Japanese – Whether they do it well or not (Oska in Secret Garden is my favorite)
    – Speaks Chinese
    – Part-Time Jobs 24×7 – Character works more part-time jobs than should be humanly possible
    – Love Dodecahedron – Triangles are passe
    – BBQ Dive (gopchang)
    – Pojangmacha / Street Stall
    – Business Runs Itself – leaving everyone plenty of time for drama fun

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