Why Study Kdrama Laws

What if you find yourself in a place where there are as many chaebols as genius doctors, lawyers, and CEOs?

Where stalking is a perfectly normal pastime?

What would you do if you accidentally run someone over and they insist on having you sign a Slavery Contract as compensation?

How do you show someone you like them?

If you’re unfamiliar with kdrama laws, you might do something stupid. Like acting mature, confessing your feelings in a calm manner, and being nice to that person.

The next thing you know you’re being pushed aside for some cold, calculating genius with the emotional capacity of a prickly bear. THEN you’ll wish you did your homework and read about kdramaland’s weird laws before you went on a mission to seduce your OTP.

How else would you know that showers are for brooding, elevators are for awkward meetings, and you never, ever agree to meet your lover near the Han River?