Kdramas Against Humanity (game update)

Hallo~ if you haven’t already, please check out the Kdramas Against Humanity game here.

Oh Hacker Ajumma, grant us wisdom in this endeavor. (And Healo's number, if you have it.)
Oh Hacker Ajumma, grant us wisdom in this endeavor… and Healo’s number, if you have it.

We spent the past few days playing testing the game. It was very buggy, right? But thanks to all the chingus playing it and commenting or tweeting observations and suggestions, I’m able to work through the errors little by little.

In case you tried getting in earlier but were unable to play, tsome major game-breaking issues have been fixed as of today. You might want to try again. 🙂

Here are the updates:

Refreshing by accident is now prevented on mobile.

Previously, players swiping down on mobile refreshed the page by accident. This was a huge bug that causes your player to clone himself. The cloned player will then be stuck in the “selecting answer” mode, which in turn causes the game to be stuck in the “waiting for others” mode.

If you tried to play in the past two days and entered a room where the other players didn’t select a card and just sat there doing nothing, that was probably one of the rooms with cloned players.

Hopefully the cloning will happen less now. I might have to add more refresh-prevention measures on desktop browsers.

Card Czars can now leave the game without causing trouble for everyone.

Like a chaebol who forgoes his inheritance to pursue true love, Card Czars can now leave the game without hurting anyone. Well, without leaving everyone stuck in the “waiting for czar” screen.

If your Czar leaves the game, you can now either:

  1. Wait for another player to join. (He/she will automatically be assigned as Czar), or
  2. Leave the room (by clicking on the Kdramas Against Humanity link at the top) then come back. You will then be reassigned as the new Card Czar. Take note: doing this will reset your points to zero but will also give you new answer cards. If you had crappy answer cards and zero points to start with, you can volunteer to do this for the team *wink*. You can also…
  3. Open a new tab of kdramasagainsthumanity.com. Create a new player and enter your game room so you’ll have a Czar for that round. Once the round is over and a new Czar has been assigned within the original players, you can safely exit your dummy player.

New question and answer cards added.

20 new questions and 50 new answer cards have been added to the game. Some of my favorite new questions are:

  • He Who Wears The Crown, Bears the <blank>.
  • <blank> reminds me of Chilbongie.
  • The only thing better than Song Jae Rim’s applebutt is <blank>.

New answer cards that made me LOL:

  • Gaksitaaaaaaal!
  • Slapping the mother-in-law back.
  • Elena Vashilivnashivanova.
  • Queen In-hyun’s Mom.
  • Pre-revenge butt-wiggling.

Thanks to Shuk, Wei, and Ori who are helping me make these up. You can see the complete list of questions and answers here. Again, if you have suggestions for Qs or As, don’t be shy! Tweet/comment them to me!

Targets for next updates:

#1: Be as cool as her.

Figure out teleportation bug.

There’s a known issue where players who left a previous game to play in another room are mysteriously flashed back to the old game with no option to play a card or anything. I still haven’t figured out what causes this. If it’s just the server being underpowered or me being too stupid to understand the game’s underlying code, but as your favorite kdrama villain says, “I have already started, I must see this to the end.”

Design a more helpful interface.

Make it obvious how to exit/enter game rooms! (Plus other confusing things in the interface.)

Write better instructions.

Stop rambling. Be clear.

Keep adding questions and answers.

My favorite task! Aside from playing testing, of course.

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