Road Behavior Act

An act specifying proper road behavior in kdramas.

Section 1. This act specifies the duties and responsibilities of pedestrians, drivers, and passengers.

Section 2. Pedestrian behavior

(a) A pedestrian cannot cross the road unless he/she is confused, depressed, and/or sad enough not to notice the cars zooming by

(b) A pedestrian must save someone from being run over by hugging him/her close and must break up the awkward hug with an exclamation of “Are you crazy? Stop making me worry!” in accordance with the Denial of Feelings Act

(c) A pedestrian in a hurry must choose to run instead of riding a bus, taxi, train, or car. Furthermore, he or she is prohibited from using handphones as specified in the Communication Devices Act

Section 3. Driver behavior

(a) A food delivery person or truck driver on his/her part-time job must hit a chaebol/heir/heiress’ car pursuant to Section 2 and 3 of the First Meeting Act

(b) A driver must execute an illegal U-turn to signify a change of heart or Serious Business

(c) Should a driver be in danger of hitting a stranger’s motorcycle, he or she must swerve in favor of hitting the Truck of Doom instead

(d) A rich driver must drive alongside the bus to sweetly stalk the opposite party or signal him/her to “Get off the bus! Get off!”

(e) A driver must stare longingly and wait for his/her passenger to wake up instead of saying: “We’re here”

Section 4. Passenger behavior

(a) A passenger in a hurry must be stuck in traffic

(b) A taxi passenger in a hurry may, upon reaching the destination, jump off the car and not pay the fare without any consequences whatsoever

(c) A drunk passenger must throw up inside the car

(d) A tired passenger must fall asleep and wake up inside the car with the driver’s coat/sweater wrapped around her

(e) Passengers must sit in the train/bus beside the most awkward person they can sit beside with

(f) A rich person riding public transport for the first time must ignore indignant stares from the elderly or ajummas to give up his/her seat

Section 5. Effectivity – this act shall take effect on The First Meeting.

Section 6. Amendments

(a) Any truck in kdramaland is a Truck of Doom unless proven otherwise –mystisith

(b) No driver, passenger, or pedestrian must find it odd that two people are embracing each other in the middle of a busy highway. – wishiwasasian

10 thoughts on “Road Behavior Act”

  1. – Every truck is presumed guilty of being a Truck of Doom unless you can prove the opposite.
    – The passenger front seat of luxury cars is reserved for kissing and making out. If the driver is not your style, you know what to do.

    1. Good call on the Truck of Doom. I don’t recall a truck ever appearing on shoots without it being dangerous!

      1. LOL truck of doom is a good one. How about, when a man and a woman meet in the middle of the crosswalk on a busy street to reconcile/hug/kiss/confess all traffic must magically disappear/avoid them for the duration of their meeting.

        1. Updated! Thanks for suggesting amendments. Sorry I can’t reply every time, but if you check the post, your suggestion should be under the Amendments section. 🙂 (If it isn’t yet then I deserve to be the 2nd lead for the rest of my life)

  2. This whole Road Behavior Act kept me laughing till the end. This just makes us realize haw idiot a lot (if not all) of kdrama characters are.
    A pedestrian cannot cross the road unless he/she is confused, depressed, and/or sad enough not to notice the cars zooming by – this isn’t a kdrama if the pedestrian is in his/her right state of mind.

        1. Oh I really am. XD
          Not that I’m really fluent in English but seeing a word spelled wrongly or worse, really bad grammar, I cringe and I start getting b*tchy..well in front of my monitor. Haha.

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