Poverty Alleviation Act

An act establishing the definition of poverty and outlining a specific plan of action for fighting poverty in kdramas.

Section 1. Whereas kdramas acknowledge the hardships and challenges associated with poverty and aim to abolish it by time-tested solutions through the Poverty Alleviation Act.

Section 2. Whereas kdrama poverty is different from real-life poverty.

Section 3. Whereas, to prove the problems associated with kdrama poverty, it must be depicted through one or more of the following:

(a) Living in a small space at the rooftop and constantly being nagged by the Ahjumma Landlady regarding rent payment

(b) Living in the jimjilbang after being thrown out by said ahjumma

(c) Eating ramyun like it’s normal; individuals who eat ramyun for the first time and are amazed by its taste are immediately classified as rich and spoiled

(d) Having an irresponsible father, mother, uncle, or other relative who’s always squandering the family’s resources on get-rich-quick schemes

(e) Being indebted to loan sharks

(f) Having two or more simultaneous part-time jobs

(g) Ability to afford a high-quality phone (e.g. iphone), expensive-looking clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and well-maintained appearance (manicure, straight hair, moisturized lips, etc.) despite being poor (credit: kbnhkr)

Section 4. Whereas this act prescribes the following actions for improving financial status of people below below the kdrama poverty line:

(a) Marry a chaebol

(b) Enter show business

(c) Study hard and/or be sent abroad by a person or entity

(d) Be noticed and adopted/sponsored/supported by a rich but lonely old person

(e) Pretend to be a long lost relative to a rich family providedthe missing relative is one’s doppelganger

(f) Come into a sudden, huge inheritance via a birth secret

(g) Be a new but earnest and studious employee for a period of one (1) to twelve (12) months to be immediately promoted to CEO/President/Upper Management; despite the presence of other employees who have been working hard for years

(h) Engage in illegal activities such as harboring a secret crush on a bestfriend’s widow, kidnapping said bestfriend’s son, and drug trafficking

Section 5. No person acting in accordance with Sections 1-4 of this act shall remain poor at the end of a kdrama.

Section 6. Effectivity – this act shall take effect from as early as the first (1st) to no later than the final episode of a kdrama.

4 thoughts on “Poverty Alleviation Act”

  1. Section 3 (g++++)
    Owning a huge “wardrobe” with many clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories despite the fact that you haven’t got enough money for food, or enough room for storage. We never see your clothes collection but you are stylish every day. 🙂

    1. Waaah, I didn’t think of that.

      You’re right. “Poor heroines” look richer than us, and we don’t even live in bathhouses! (Law updated. Thanks.)

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